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St. Croix Soccer Club established in 1984. The growth of St Croix over the past 10 years has gone from a couple hundred of players to nearly a thousand competitive players and a growing Rec program.

St Croix Soccer has players from all over the Twin Cities, Western Wisconsin, and players as far as away as Duluth and Rochester.

St Croix provides development opportunities for players starting at an early age. A team and player-centric approach coached to develop and polish the crucial set of skills necessary for their future. The club has focus on the continual growth and development of our players and our teams, in turn instills a dedication to excellence and teamwork in all players.


In the inaugural USL2 season we are looking to keep the same values and expectations for players. We are looking to give the players an opportunity to continue to play soccer in the USL2 system as well as opportunities to play in USL, MLS and oversea options.

St Croix is looking to give the MN boys soccer player a more established path to the pro level or just through the college ranks.

We want to build the community of the East Side of the Twin Cities and Western WI with the St Croix USL2 soccer team. This will provide a fun and exciting environment to watch the upcoming players in the area.

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